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Bk5 Scene 4 FInished

2010-11-04 17:36:28 by Mottis

As usual, I will post some useless info about the latest scene in Bk5.

Kills: 50
Enemy types: 4
Different Screens: 3
Length: 3 minutes 20 seconds
Total frames: 4260
Size (without music): 3.1 Mb (>_<)

And now, I can finally move onto the final scene. It will be something I have never done with Bk before, so let's hope everything goes without problems.

On a completely unrelated note, there's some issues with Flash MX handling Bunnykill 5. Every time I quit Flash after I have worked on it for a while, my computer goes apeshit. The desktop and all the icons start to flash like crazy, and the whole computer slows down to crawl. I try ctrl+alt+del (or try to start any other program for that matter) and I get an error message in finnish. I have to reboot the whole thing to fix the problem.

Note that this happens ONLY when i quit flash, and ONLY after I have been working on Bk5. I'm willing to bet that it's a memory leak of some kind when flash tries to empty the temporary Bk5 memory files or something.

Don't worry though, this does not affect BK5 itself in any way, and I can still work on it no problem, as long as I remember to "ctrl+alt+del > shut down flash process" every time I need to quit flash. I also keep a few more backup copies of Bk5 around, just in case.

Computer running again.

2010-10-20 10:07:52 by Mottis

Right, so yeah, I'm starting to get used to this. The whole formatting the HD and re-installing windows didn't take that long, and I had my computer running again 2 days after the incident. I have been re-installing everything since then.

I did some Bk today, but not much. Can't keep my concentration on it right now. I'm close to finishing the 4th scene; there's one more action sequence left, and I will update my profile once It's done, as usual.

Computer problems. AGAIN -_-

2010-10-14 03:24:43 by Mottis

Here we go again. My comp gave me a bluescreen, crashed and wont start up now. All I get is a black screen on startup and that's it. Don't worry, Bunnykill and the rest of my important stuff is safe. But this is getting rather aggrevating. Maybe I should just get a Windows 7.

Oh well, you know the drill, I'll update my profile once everything is ok.

On another note, I recently got Super Street Fighter IV for the 360. I'm still a newbie, but if anyone here feels like they want to play some matches with me, feel free to add me. Gamertag: Mottage.

Also, I think I should mention that this is my last week at this job. My one year work contract has ended, and starting next monday, I will be unemployed. Lets hope I can find a new job soon.

Well, my computer has been running fine since the incident. I did clean all the dust from the inside, although there wasn't that much.

So yeah, as you can see from the killcount, I'm back in biz. Don't get too excited though, the sudden jump in kills is because of a specific spot with lots of kills at once, but now there will be a calm spot before I can move onto the final scene.

More computer problems -_-

2010-09-06 01:15:58 by Mottis

Don't know what happened, but my computer shut itself off randomly just now. I turned it back on, and it got stuck at startup where it says 512 ram or something on a DOS-like screen(normally it stays there only for a a brief moment)

I unplugged the whole thing for a few minutes, and then tried again and it works now. However, I'm worried as hell. I don't feel like animating too much in the case I forget to save and I lose a lot of work if my computer decides to crash, so I'm going to take it slow for a while and see if it happens again.

I'll update when the situation evolves.

Minecraft. Goddamn Minecraft.

2010-08-23 01:50:19 by Mottis

For those who don't know what Minecraft is, shame on you:

I don't think I've ever been this addicted to a game before. I can't stop playing Minecraft on my freetime. When I can't play it, I can't stop thinking about it. I've had the game for a week and I've already had 3 dreams about it. I guess this is what Wow players go through.

It's basically a freeroam game with randomly generated infinite world, where you can mine, kill, loot, explore, and most importantly, build. It has a retro graphics style, so it most definitely won't be everyone's cup of tea.

Why I'm making this post is that this game has seriously cut down on my animating-time, as you might have noticed. I have no excuses here. I'm hooked to this damn game. God help us all. O_O

Oh well. I'll try to force myself to focus on animating some more. We'll see how that goes though. =P

Things back to normal

2010-08-14 03:51:56 by Mottis

Well, I got my computer up and running again. I've been busy reinstalling stuff lately but I'm pretty much done now. I've even managed to animate a little bit here and there, as you can see from the increased killcount. I'm having a slight artist's block atm though, but it's nothing major. (I hope, at least)

So um. yeah. I have nothing else to report at this time. I'll make another update when I hit another milestone or if anything important comes up.

My computer broke. Well, winodws did, to be more exact. It doesn't boot up and gives me an error message about some config/system file or something. Anyway, I'm going to format the harddrive and reinstall windows and everything else, but before I can do that, I have to take the harddrive to a friend of mine and take a backup of anything that might be worth saving. Even though I generally keep all of my important stuff on the other drive, I want to make sure I didn't leave anything on the desktop or something.

If things go as planned, I can reinstall windows today, and then start reinstalling everything else. Once I'm done and we are back in biz, I'll let you guys know. Peace out.

Moving to new apartment

2010-08-02 02:06:55 by Mottis

Yup, that's right. I'm finally moving to my own apartment. After living with my mom for the past 23 years (yeah, I know >____>') I've 'finally' got enough courage to move away. Anyway, the main reason I'm doing this update is to tell you guys not to get confused if there's hardly any progress on the movie in the upcoming days. (or the past few days too, it's been really busy)

The apartment is officially mine as of last friday, and there's a lot of stuff to figure out and prepare. If I'm lucky, I'll be doing the 'official' moving today, after work. We are having some difficulties getting a moving truck/van, but a friend of mine MIGHT be able to get one from his work today, and help us out. Fingers crossed, everyone...

100 kills!

2010-07-12 04:33:16 by Mottis

w00t time to parteh!
Oh wait no time to parteh I gotta finish this damn movie. oh well D:

But yeah, anyway. 100 kills. More than in any Bunnykill movie so far. Hooray. And there's still one and a half scenes to go. :)

You know, so many kills might seem like a good thing, but lately part of me has been starting to think that I'm making this movie way too long. And way too epic. How can a flash movie be too epic you may ask? Well, for starters, by making the movie really epic I'm raising the bar for my future movies. I have no idea how I'm going to top this one, or if I ever will. Also, there were people who said that bunnykill 4 was already a bit too long, and seemed to drag on too much. And that's my main concern. I'm afraid that by the end of the movie, the constant, non-stop action will 'numb' out the viewer. (If you seen Transformers 2, you probably know what I'm talking about =P)

Another thing that worries me is, yet again, the filesize. I haven't checked the total filesize in a while, and I'm not going to. I'll export it when the movie is done, and then see if something has to be done about it. The last time I checked it was about 10 Mb, with 3 scenes done, and only 2 of them had music. But, I'm sure Tom will increase my upload limit (again) If I need it.

Oh, and Btw, Rajunen asked me to say that he's willing to do music for other flashes too. So if you're interested, send him a PM or contact me and I'll tell him.