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Who didn't see this coming: Moar computer problems!

Posted by Mottis - November 11th, 2010

Remember the issue I talked about a few news posts back? About my computer going apeshit whenever I shut down flash after I have been working on Bk5?

Well it seems like it has nothing to do with Bk5, as it happens with other projects too. And on top of all, it has started to happen WHILE the flash program is still running. The timing seems completely random too; sometimes I can work on a flash for 5 hours straight before anything happens, and other times all it takes is 10 minutes. It's extremely aggrivating. It's like working with a ticking timebomb and you never know when you are forced to reboot your computer.

I tested it with Flash 8 as well, and the same thing happens so it's not the Flash MX's fault. After the timebomb goes off and the system glitches up, whenever I try to start an application (any application) It gives me an error message followed by "0xc000012d" I googled it and found out that it has something to do with missing/corrupted windows files.

I have decided it now. I'm going to buy Windows 7. Hopefully that will clear all the problems I have been having. Until then, I'm afraid I cannot work on Bunnykill, for obvious reasons.


damn computer problems are so irritating huh? if you are trying to find a solultion try cleaning the dust in your computer and see if your system has a virus or see if it is working correctly

Yeah , i cleaned it from dust, and scanned it a dozen times. No problems there.... It was Windows itself, some files had propbaly gone corrupt. Oh well, things are better now.

oops sorry for second comment buying windows 7 is a more fitting solution and good luck bro :D

yeah windows 7 is working great so far =P

Unacceptable. If I was from Finland I could fix it for you but maybe you should save your BK files, reload flash onto your new comp and just accept your PC may not have much time to live. Say a prayer ... or not :)

Everything seems to be working now after installing W7. I'm having a bit of a hard time getting used to the new interface and stuff but that's ok.

if your computer is a vista then you can change your vista into a windows7. pitty, that your soo cloes to finishing the flash and your computer keeps messing up =P

or as they say in majora's mask
"you have met a terrible fate, haven't you?"

Haha yeah.

sounds like you got a comp like mine only to a slightly better degree my comp used to restart on its own and have internet crashes and not run any games now it simply refuses to start up i plan on setting it on fire and pushing it off a cliff while laughing manicly