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Alright so, I'll get this out of the way first: No, sadly this update has almost nothing to do with Bunnykill, nor will I most likely ever continue the series. Sorry to be so blunt, but I don't want to get your hopes up.

Anyway, I checked some comments on my last update recently. I can't believe there are still people out there leaving comments as recent as this year. I guess I should first apologize for just disappearing like the way I did. When I made the last post I just kinda left Newgrounds/animating behind and I didn't want to look back. I felt so relieved and even now, just thinking about Bunnykill gives me mixed, bittersweet feelings with a dose of anxiety. The final year that I spent working on those movies was not enjoyable, at all. After I stopped, I've been a lot more stress free and quite a few things has happened in my life, like getting a full time job, a drivers license and a car.

As for animating, I think I'll stay away like I've been doing. I've had some fleeting desires to get back to it but they're usually over before they even really start. Not to mention with an 40 hour work week, I'd have way less time to work on Flash movies than I used to.

I burned out really badly years ago but the scars are still there. I guess what causes me the most anxiety is how in the beginning animating was truly something I loved doing, I had a real passion for it. There was a spark of sorts and I was really good at it too. But I suppose I'm not the kind of person who can perform well under pressure and I still blame myself for not being up to the task. I feel guilty for stopping and leaving so many fans without a trace but at the same time I can't deny that I've been a lot happier ever since I did. Like I mentioned before; mixed, bittersweet feelings.

I'm quite happy with my life at this moment. I actually enjoy my work, and I make more money than I need. In the unlikely scenario I ever do decide to come back and work on animated movies, trust me you guys will be the first to know.

Anyway, I suppose this is a goodbye for now, a long overdue one. Thanks for all the love and support, I really do apreciate it even though I'm bad at showing it sometimes.




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