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Bunnykill 5 part 1 Progress update

2011-06-06 05:51:41 by Mottis

I've been spending the last few days cleaning up Part 1 of Bk5. As of right now, I'm at the point where I can't find anything to imrove or fix. I re-arranged the scenes for part 1 and renamed them, finished the intro and added all the missing effects and whatnot. The only thing missing at this point, is music. Rajunen said he'll be gone for the next week (army reservice) so he can't really finish up the music 'till after that.

I also contacted Fulp for potentially getting sponshorhip deal with Newgrounds since it would be really convinient for me for various reasons. Plus, Armorgames don't sponsor movies anymore. So I guess we'll see how that goes.

My plan is to upload Part 1 sometime this month, and part 2 the next. But depending on various things, I may have to delay both by a month. We'll see.

So I guess that's it. Wish me luck on getting that sponsorhip deal :)

There's light in the horizon.

2011-06-03 18:16:34 by Mottis

Ok, I can confirm that Bunnykill 5 will be uploaded in 2 parts. That much is certain. My computer simply cannot handle the task of exporting the movie in one go, and on top of that, there was another problem. Hear me out.

Remember how I mentioned that the movie stopped on it's own after a certain spot? yeah, it's supposed to do that. Apparently, once any flash movie reaches a timeline of 16 000 frames, it stops. So um, yeah. The movie is over 16 000 frames. WAY over, in fact, since it stops at the end of Scene 3.

Now, I realized that I can shrink the intro sequence into a single Movie Clip, which would take only one frame on the timeline, effectively giving me 650 more frames to work with, which is far more than enough to fit scenes 1-3 into "part 1"

So yup. 2 Parts. Might upload part 1 as soon as it's ready and part 2 later. We'll see.

"Error creating flash movie. Not enough memory available"

2011-06-02 19:08:53 by Mottis

Brb gonna kill myself.

But seriously. This is depressing. There are some serious issues with Bk5. I tried to export it, and I got the error message above. After trying everything I could think of, I finally got it to export by removing every single music track in the movie.

But that's not all. As soon as the movie reached the end of Scene 3, it all goes to hell. I don't know how to explain it. It starts skipping around the previous scene, as if it's on fast forward or something. The sound effects go completely crazy, playing random sounds constantly and the movie doesn't go anywhere.

As soon as it began, I felt sick. As in physically sick in my stomach. This is like a nightmare. I don't know what to do. Well, there are a few things I'm still going to try, but it's not looking very good right now.

I'll keep you updated, I guess.

The movie no longer goes crazy at the end of scene 3. Now it just stops there, slightly before the scene ends. I'm not sure if that's a change for the better or worse, but whatever I do, I can't make the movie play after that spot. Even if I jump straight into the next scene, skipping that particular part, it just stops there instead and refuses to go forward. The movie clips still play fine so it's not like it froze or aything.

I went to my friends house, and tried exporting the movie with his monster computer, but it didn't work at all, sadly. We were using Flash CS5 and I couldn't even save(+ convert) the flash with the program without it crashing, let alone export it. I'm currenly in the process of trying to split the movie in half,let's see how that goes. There's a very big chance that Bk5 will be posted in 2 parts.

Outro done.

2011-05-22 07:51:35 by Mottis

Since I'm getting so close to finishing Bunnykill 5, instead of making a new update every time I reach a milestone, I'm just gonna post the 'to-do' -list here, and update it accordingly:

End credits: Not started yet.
Missing effects: Working on it.
Ear movement: Working on it.
Main menu/scene select: Done.
Bug fixing: Not started yet.

Bk5 Scene 5 finished

2011-05-13 08:56:44 by Mottis

That's right. it's done. I'm not going to tally up the stats like I usually do because I'm so burned out on flash atm and I just closed it. I might update this post with stats later if I feel like it though.

Aaaanyways. I finished up all the scenes and sent all of them to Matti so he can finally start working on the music proper, since he knows the timings and stuff now. Tomorrow I will start woring on animating the outro, after that I'll start designing the menus, and after that *Shivers* I have to finish up the ear physics for the rest of the movie. I already got to scene 3 with them back when I was having my artist's block, but there is still a lot to go through. Oh well.

A big thanks to everyone for being so supportive. Can't wait to get this finally finished.

The last stretch.

2011-04-25 15:03:03 by Mottis

Alright, so. I finally got the rest of the movie figured out, thanks to my friend, Jaakko. I tend to get good ideas when I brainstorm with him, and this weekend was no exception. The bottom line is that the entire ending is now planned out, so all I have to do now is get off my arse and finish this damn movie.

After that Matti can properly start working on the music, and I'll start working on the little stuff, like fixing errors, adding missing effects (includin the ear physics, *SIGH*), making the main menu and end credits, etc.

In other related news, I recently contacted my sponsor, Armorgames and apparently, they don't sponsor movies anymore. The guy told me that he'll see what he can do about it, so we'll have to wait and see. If this doesn't work out, I'll contact Fulp and ask if Newgrounds would be willing to sponsor Bunnykill5 instead. I don't really do this for money but the little extra would be really nice since I'm saving up for something special right now. Wish me luck, everyone O _ O

Hey guys

2011-03-14 06:14:02 by Mottis

I'm sorry to say that the progress has been kinda slow recently.

I'm fighting a slight artist's block at the moment. The closer I get to the finish the harder it becomes. It also doesn't help that I don't have anything planned for the finish. I thought I had it all figured out but then I decided to make a big change to how the finale goes so now I'm going to have to rewrite the ending, choreography-wise. The problem is, I can't figure out how to finish it off. So I'll just keep on animating a little bit every few days, hoping that I can come up with something while I'm working on it. But no luck so far.

I'll keep you updated though. Wish me luck.

Since I'm tired of going nowhere with Bk5, I've decided to start adding the ear movements and other missing effects already so I can at least sleep well knowing that I've worked on the movie every day.

Time for another useless update

2011-01-16 05:49:10 by Mottis

I know it's been a while since the last update, but that's simply because nothing major has happened regarding BK5. So uh, yeah, I'm making this news post just for the sake of making a news post. Take it or leave it :P

Bk5 is still going just fine, albeit a tad slow. I've just reached the final third of the last scene. The grand finale. I stopped counting the kills during the the final scene, so the number might be off by a few kills. But as far as I see, the killcounter is becoming more and more obsolete the closer I get to the end.

I wish I had more to say, but that's it for now. Sorry guys ^^'

Windows 7 installation complete

2010-11-17 06:54:52 by Mottis

Alright so, things are finally shaping up. I installed W7 a few days ago and haven't had any problems since. Flash works fine, as does Bunnykill, though I haven't really found the time to work on it yet. Been busy with other things, but I'll get on it soon, no worries.

The last scene in Bunnykill 5 will be so difficult to animate that I will most likely have to plan out the entire scene beforehand; something I normally never do. I have a habit of just "winging it" when it comes to the Bk choreography, but this scene is a bit too tough for that. We'll see how it goes.

Who didn't see this coming: Moar computer problems!

2010-11-11 08:17:41 by Mottis

Remember the issue I talked about a few news posts back? About my computer going apeshit whenever I shut down flash after I have been working on Bk5?

Well it seems like it has nothing to do with Bk5, as it happens with other projects too. And on top of all, it has started to happen WHILE the flash program is still running. The timing seems completely random too; sometimes I can work on a flash for 5 hours straight before anything happens, and other times all it takes is 10 minutes. It's extremely aggrivating. It's like working with a ticking timebomb and you never know when you are forced to reboot your computer.

I tested it with Flash 8 as well, and the same thing happens so it's not the Flash MX's fault. After the timebomb goes off and the system glitches up, whenever I try to start an application (any application) It gives me an error message followed by "0xc000012d" I googled it and found out that it has something to do with missing/corrupted windows files.

I have decided it now. I'm going to buy Windows 7. Hopefully that will clear all the problems I have been having. Until then, I'm afraid I cannot work on Bunnykill, for obvious reasons.