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Some new info

2009-01-13 10:38:37 by Mottis

Good news.

I've recently regained my interest in Flash and continued BK4 quite a bit, so much even that I haven't found the time nor patience to actually count the new kills and update the kill count on my profile. If I were to do that now, I would have to re-count all of the kills in the whole movie all over again to update the kills properly, so I wont. Because I'm lazy like that. But if I had to make a guess, I'd say there's 10-15 more kills in the movie since last update.

At the moment, the movie is in the last scene before the boss room. That may sound good, but let me remind you that the movie consists of (only) 4 scenes, 3 very long battle scenes, and the boss room. I'm planning on making the boss fight very long too, but, if things go as planned, it's gonna be well worth the wait.

EDIT: Updated the killcount.


2008-07-14 08:17:39 by Mottis

Sorry guys. If you have followed the progress of BK4 on my profile, you should know I haven't been very active with it lately. The truth is that I'm having a major artist's block right now. I've tried to get into animating BK4 but I just can't force myself. My interest in the movie is simply completely gone.

I apologize for this; I know I've already taken waayy too long with the movie, and these further delays are really annoying I bet. But, once I get back into it, the first thing I'll do is update my profile.


Got mah new PC ^_^

2008-04-10 16:36:24 by Mottis

Funny coincidence.
2 days after I had submitted my previous news post, my comp fucked up permanently. It started to complain about a missing windows file at startup and wouldn't turn on. I've been without a computer for *gasp* a whole week! =O

But anyways, man, this new comp is a friggin' monster. a good friend of mine, Niko, helped me to build this beast since he knows a hell of a lot more about computer hardware than I do. I gave him 500EU budget and he ordered a bunch of new parts, and built the whole thing from scratch. Once I got it home, I instantly fired up flash MX, and... damn. No matter what I do, I can't get any slowdown when I play BK4 in the program. Max quality, all layers visible, max resolution on my screen, etc and it's smooth as silk. My previous comp had problems running my movies in low quality, as I mentioned in the previous post.

Well, I haven't made any more Bk yet, there is still a lot of things I want to try out with this new hardware, but I can't wait. Things are going to speed up now, that's for sure.

Computer problems

2008-03-30 04:57:55 by Mottis

Okay I'm gonna go straight to the point here.

My computer likes to crash randomly.

Like, BAM black screen, and the whole thing boots up again.
No error messages, nothing.

I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the graphics card or something, because it tends to crash only when I play games or use/watch flash. Also the fan on the graphics card isn't rotating at all and it gets pretty hot. Whatever the case, I'm rather unmotivated to animate at the moment, I've already lost a few hours of work a couple of times because I haven't remembered to save. This thing really pisses me off, but I'm gonna get a new computer as soon as I get my next paycheck from work(in a few days, I hope). Until then, I'm gonna hold back on the animating.

Once I get the new comp, I'm most likely gonna get really motivated again, since I finally get to animate in high quality. My current comp can't run my movies in flash on high quality properly, so I have to use low quality to animate(and even then it's kinda slow, yeah my comp sucks >__>)

And just for kicks, here's a lil' pic of snowball that I drew in flash.
I might use it in BK4, who knows.

Computer problems


2008-02-13 10:17:28 by Mottis

Some people have told me that I should make a news post here. So, I guess I should, just to show people that I'm still alive ;)
Sorry if my english is a bit "weird" sometimes, It isn't my native language.

There isn't much to update though, you can see the amount of Bunnykill 4 kills in my profile already, I'm probably aiming for something like 100-150 kills this time, considering that the movie is pretty short atm but has a lot higher kills-per-minute ratio than before. I'm ditching the killcounter from the movie though(for reasons I'm not going into now)

This time around, the movie is ninja/samurai themed, with mostly melee weapons, like spears, spiked maces, daggers, and of course, Katanas. There are no modern weapons at all, making the action a bit different than in few previous Bunnykill movies. The story, like in all BK movies, has NOTHING to do with the previous parts. Some people still try to figure out what's going on in the "storyline", like why Smoke and Dust were still alive in BK3 and whatnot. If you insist to know what the hell is going on, just think of the different movies taking place in different dimensions. There. Happy? ;P

Aside from Snowball, there are no old characters visiting in BK4, mostly because Smoke's glasses and Dust's mohawk doesn't really fit the whole ninja theme in the movie. however, there are a few new ones in, which I think are pretty cool.

Well that's it. I guess I had something to update afterall. ^_^