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Computer running again.

2010-10-20 10:07:52 by Mottis

Right, so yeah, I'm starting to get used to this. The whole formatting the HD and re-installing windows didn't take that long, and I had my computer running again 2 days after the incident. I have been re-installing everything since then.

I did some Bk today, but not much. Can't keep my concentration on it right now. I'm close to finishing the 4th scene; there's one more action sequence left, and I will update my profile once It's done, as usual.


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2010-10-20 11:32:54

Mmmm, first comment.

Well man, you already have many computer problems, hahaha. Don't worry, always you save.

Good look with the Bk work.


2010-10-20 18:04:44

Woo! Great news dude :)


2010-10-21 06:32:17

congratulations for getting your computer running again and since you are too worried about your job you should think what kind of new job you will have before you get unemployed on monday because you know the earlier the better.

Mottis responds:

Thanks. I decided to take few weeks "off" and just relax before I start looking for another job. =P


2010-10-21 07:05:45

I have had my share of computer problems...anywho good to know you are making a new BK :) can't wait...


2010-10-21 18:58:29

Yess!! Maybe if we're lucky, you could put BK5 out as a Christmas/Haunnakah/Kwanza/WhateverYo uCelebrateThatTimeOfYear present!!

Mottis responds:

That would be just the regular Christmas =P
And we shall see if I can make it. I doubt it though.


2010-10-26 19:59:30

hey uh mottis heres an idea if you do a killcount progress untill the end it might ruin a little of the suspense i meen some people will be like oh well that was the last kill must be close to the end im just saying maybe you could leave a few kills out of the progress bar

Mottis responds:

Umm I'm not sure if I follow you...
I want to give people some indication on how far in the animation I am. I tried using time and frames but those didn't work (for reasons I really don't feel like xplaining now) so I thought that kills would be perfect. It's simple, and goes with the theme of the series >:)


2010-11-04 03:57:03

where's bunnykill 5?

Mottis responds:

On my harddrive