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Bk5 Scene 3 finished

2010-06-04 10:09:00 by Mottis

Phew it's been a while since the last update. Sorry about that. I've been sort of busy lately, fortunately I've been able to spend an hour or so on BunnyKill5 almost every day, and here's the results:

Scene 3(Mid-Bossfight) info:

Kills: 14
Enemy types: 2
Different Screens: 4
Length: 5 minutes 13 seconds (!!!)
Total frames: 6582
Size (without music): 2,1 Mb

If things go as planned, The next scene will be the most hectic, gruesome, and fast paced scene I've ever done. Expect a lot of kills coming up. Lets break that 100!! >:D

Bk5 Scene 2 finished

2010-02-28 03:46:59 by Mottis

Wow, it looks like this will be the longest entry in the Bunnykill series thus far.
I've only completed 2 scenes out of a total (planned) five, and it's already over 7 minutes. I might consider splitting the movie in two, but we'll see about that.

Here's the second scene info:
Kills: 45
Enemy types: 3 (+1 new)
Different Screens: 4
Length: 3 minutes 47 seconds.
Total frames: 4765

Next scene is the main midboss I mentioned earlier. As usual, I'll let you know when it's done.

Oh btw, just because I'm adding more kills, it doesn't mean that the midboss is dead quite yet ;)

Boss battles

2010-02-13 03:03:10 by Mottis

Hi y'all

You might have noticed that the Bunnykill 5 killcounter on my profile got stuck at 60.
It's not because I'm running out of steam again, but because I'm working on a few mid bosses at the moment. The movie is closing in on the halfway point soon, and I'll get to work on that storyline event which I talked about in my previous post.

Just letting you guys know. That's all. :)

Bunnykill5 story starting to take shape.

2010-01-30 13:30:07 by Mottis

Hey guys.
Recently, I had a major breakthrough as far as the story of Bk5 goes. Too bad I can't tell you any of it D: Oh and remember, I'm using the word 'story' loosely here. At the moment, I'm planning on making the storytelling very simple; there's no intro or outro text, but instead all of the 'story' takes place during the movie, very much like In Bk4. I may have something a bit more intricate planned for the intro, but we'll see about that.

If you have been reading my previous news posts/replies, you should already know that Bunnykill 5 will have Dust and Smoke as the baddies. My original plan was to make it extremely simple: Snowball kills stuff > Bossfight with Dust > Snowball kills more stuff > Bossfight with Smoke > THE END. However some time ago while at work, I had an idea, a huge plot twist that has never been done before in Bunnykill. I haven't gotten to the story sequence yet, but I have it all planned out in my head.

You are free to theorize if you wish, but remember, I will not reply to any questions that might spoil the story. I want to keep it secret until the movie is finished, sorry :)

Merry christmas 'n all that jazz

2009-12-24 09:07:47 by Mottis

Hey everyone. Some good news. I'm not sure if it's because of the holiday from work or what, but It seems that my artist's block is gone for now. I just finished a good run making Bunnykill5, 3 kills in one day. I've moved onto the 3rd room in the second scene, and my plan is to accelerate the action and killing speed from here on. So, if everything goes according to plan, expect a lot more kills in the upcoming weeks. Let's all hope that my artist's block stays away this time, as I've already spent way too much time loitering, and not enough animating ^^'

Anyways, as a little christmas present, here's a random Bk5 pic for you guys.
It'll give you a pretty good idea what I meant back when I said I'm going for a more platform style, video-game-y backgrounds this time around. Remember, this is not the final product, so some of the stuff in the pic might still be a placeholder, such as the city on the background.

Anyways, Merry christmas and happy holidays, everyone!

Merry christmas 'n all that jazz

Pointless update is pointless.

2009-12-06 08:51:42 by Mottis

Yeah... I don't have much to update at the moment. I just felt that I need to make a news post just because it's been over a month since the last one >_>

Anyways, artist's block still going strong, although I have managed to animate Bunnykill5 a bit every once in a while. I'm currently working on a scene that doesn't involve much killing(not a boss fight quite yet, don't get your hopes up =P) so there haven't been many additions to the killcount lately.

I guess I just wanted to let you guys know that just because I haven't added any kills, it doesn't mean i'm not working on the movie =P

Bad news ...sorta.

2009-10-27 03:13:31 by Mottis

As you might have already noticed, the kill counter has been steadily slowing down in the past few weeks. Reason? Well, not only do I have a massive artist's block going on at the moment, but I also recently got employed. As nice as it is to have a job, it will obviously cut down my spare time, giving me less time to work on the movie. But I'll do my best.

Oh, and another thing that's been eating away my spare time;
I recently got addicted to an Xbox360 game called Borderlands.
Seriously, that game is like crack O_O I can't put it down. Someone help me!

Bk5 Scene 1 finished

2009-09-28 05:41:01 by Mottis

Alright, so I finished scene 1 of Bunnykill 5 today. There are still some minor stuff/fixes yet to be done, but animation-wise, it's completed. So as a little bonus, here is some info about the first scene(does not include the intro):

Movie framerate: 20 (+3 from my previous movies)

Kills: 17
Enemy types: 2
Different Screens: 4
Length: 3 minutes 29.6 Seconds
Total frames: 4194

The reason for such a low 'kills per minute' is that the entire first scene is based on stealth. There are a few instances when the enemies detect Snowball and he is forced to take action, but most of it is constant, slow paced stealth killing. The real action starts now, in Scene 2.

PS. Please don't ask how many kills I'm going for, or how many scenes there will be, etc. I'll let you know as soon as I know, in other words, when the movie is done ;)

10 kills yay!!

2009-09-14 06:44:31 by Mottis

Time to celebrate!
....No, not really.

Anyways, I said in one of the previous comments that I might make an update about bunnykill5's new hand 'models' and I'm awfully bored right now so here it is. It's nothing too special though.

You'll also get a glimpse at some of the Bk5 weaponry ^__^

10 kills yay!!

Bunnykill 5 intro done.

2009-08-27 05:17:00 by Mottis

Just as the title says. There's not much more to update at this point. I only recently started to work on the actual animation of Bk5, and I can now confirm that the intro is done. I hate to brag, but I really like how it turned out. It has a nice 3D sorta thing going on as the screen pans to the right, and even though it's not especially long, it gets the job done, and looks nice.

Once Snowball dispatches his first victim, you will see the familiar killcount appear on my profile.