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That pretty much sums everything up :P

For the past few weeks I've been doing mostly testing and designing for the new weapons and the new character for Bk5.0 but today I 'finally' started working on the actual movie. It's at the very beginning though, still working on the intro. I'll let you know when that's done.

And yes, I'm getting a new computer on Monday. I've been saving up way too much cash for way too long now(I haven't really bough anything with any of the sponsorship money yet o.o) so I finally decided to spoil myself a bit and buy a new computer altogether. My old one is still okay, But it's getting.... old. My good friend Niko helped me pick out the parts for it, and with the additional help of the local computer store, I have them all ordered and they should be arriving on monday.

Total price was 595EU, so it's not exactly high-end, but definitely more than enough for my needs.

Niko will also help me piece the beast together, as he likes to build computers, and I'd like to be there when it is built so I get to see the process for myself.

So, that's it for now. I'll keep you updated :)

With Bk5.2 out of the way...

2011-12-17 11:59:39 by Mottis

So, what now?

I've been rolling around a few ideas in my head for the next Bunnykill movie, and it pretty much comes down to one of two possibilities. Even though I WILL do both of these ideas, which one is up next is still under consideration and I wouldn't mind some input from you, my fans. I'd like to point out here that a direct sequel to Bunnykill 5 will not happen anytime soon, as I have very little interest in it even though it did kinda end up in a cliffhanger. I may do a "Bunnykill 5.3" sometime in the distant future, but my next 2 projects are currently set in stone:

1. Prequel to Bunnykill 5.
2. Fresh new Bunnykill 6 with new story and theme.

Before you make up your mind and jump headfirst into option #2, i'd like to point out the ups and downs of the 2 choises.

I'm personally a lot more excited about the prequel; there are a lot of ideas I had no room for in Bk5, so I had to scrap them. However making a prequel would give me a chance to use these ideas. The story would be rather simple; it would just show how Dust got captured in the first place. The doctor would play a slightly bigger part, and I would also present a completely new character, who was already referenced in Bk5. I also have a nifty idea for Dust's weapon that would add a lot to the choreography, yet be very different from what it was in Bk5.

As for Bunnykill 6, I already have a theme in mind. I was thinking a Gothic/Dmc/Castlevania kind of style, with a heavier emphasis on Snowball killing monster-like creatures rather than bunnies. The action would be balls-to-the-wall crazy too, kinda like the enraged Snowball from Bk4. However there is one thing to note. I haven't planned out this idea almost at all; I only have the general style thought up in my head. I would have to build everything from the ground up, including the story, characters, enemies, new weapons, effects, background, etc etc. This will take a LONG time compared to the Bk5 prequel, where I have a most of the graphics already done.

As I already said, I'm personally leaning heavily towards the Bk5 prequel so I might just go ahead and do that before Bk6, regardless of people's opinions. (Sorry!) But I want to hear what you guys think of these ideas :)

EDIT: Alright, after reading all the feedback, I can safely say that Bunnykill 5 Prequel is up next. Thanks for all the comments and merry Christmas to y'all <3

It's done :D

2011-12-15 12:22:15 by Mottis

Here ya go guys. Enjoy :)

Okay so.

2011-12-09 06:12:25 by Mottis

I'm not going to lie. I have been lazy. Procrastinating like a boss.

I played enough Skyrim to get bored of it weeks ago, so that's not at fault either. I've had a series of bad luck lately though, like getting a really really bad fever for several days(Still recuperating from that) and having my fresh new tablet break on me, to mention a few things. I've been feeling down because of this and haven't been exactly motivated to animate, or do any kind of creative work. But... that is no excuse. Bunnykill 5.2 is about 99% done and has been for a while now. I should've finished this a long time ago but haven't. For that, I apologize to all my fans. And I thank those that are still supporting me after all this.

That being said, I have decided to force all of my attention to Bk5.2 from now on, untill it's released. I need to do the conversion to Flash CS3, add the final adjustments, get the ads working, email Tom about the possible Newgrounds sponsorship deal, and last but not least, dust off my trusty whip and put it to good use on Rajunen so he'll finish the music as well. He's only missing the music for the credits/cast at this point.

So yeah. That's it. Wish me luck.

UPDATE: Tom just emailed me back. The Sponsorship deal is a Go!

UPDATE 2: I've done the conversion to CS3 and the ad API is working. Also, Rajunen said he'll be able to start working on the music on monday.

UPDATE 3: It's only been a few hours since I did the conversion and I already miss Flash MX. CS3 makes me want to murder things.

UPDATE 4: Aaaaand done! Now waiting for Rajunen to finish up the music for the credits/cast. No pressure! :D

UPDATE 5: Rajunen has finished the music and the movie is ready for uploading. Currently waiting for a confirmation email from Tom Fulp and we're ready to go.

Back to work.

2011-11-08 08:28:15 by Mottis

And lets try to keep it that way this time ^^'

I'm currently doing some last finishes on Bk5.2 before converting it to Flash CS3, and Rajunen has been working on the music a bit. I still can't give you a release date (even an estimated one) but all I can say is that we're getting close.

Oh and.

Skyrim in 4 days.


Let's hope I find some time to animate once that gets released o.o

Things been kinda slow recently.

2011-10-19 07:28:46 by Mottis

Hey everyone.

I've been taking some time off from Flash recently. For my part, Bk5.2 is at a point where everything is pretty much done, except for the Flash MX > Flash CS3 conversion and then adding the NG ads/preloader.

As far as I understand, Rajunen hasn't been working on the music much either. Which is perfectly fine. It took me about 2 years to release Bk5.1 so I feel like there is no rush with this one, as it has been only a few months since part 1 was released.

And I'm okay with it. I havent had a "real" break for a long, long time and this is the first time in a while when I feel like I'm truly relaxed because I'm not constantly fretting over completing the next Bk installment.

Don't worry guys, I'll get the movie out eventually, but for now, I'm enjoying my little break ;)

Getting things done (750)

2011-09-27 08:57:51 by Mottis

I've finally managed to get Bk5.2 into a state where I can watch the entire thing from start to finish in one go, with all the scenes, intros and outros included. At this point, all that is left is bugfixing, music and finishing up the menus so that the scene select works.

After that, I will do the conversion from Flah MX to CS3 so I can get the preloader and ads working. Oh, and I also need to contact Fulp and ask if NG is willing to sponsor part 2 as well.

Rajunen has already done alot of work on the music a while back, however I'm not entirely sure what the situation is with it right now. I'm sure he will update it here. (once he does I will include it in this post) As far as I understand, he's been busy with studying amongst other things.

As for the title, yes, I played Deus Ex. Awesome game <3

Back in Biz.

2011-08-31 09:35:28 by Mottis

I finally forced myself to boot up flash and get some work done after lazying around for ages. And it worked out suprisingly well. I think I got the ending for Bk5.2 FINALLY figured out. It's not as great as I had hoped, but it sure is a hell of a lot better than the original I had.

I also bought a new monitor a few days ago and I have been trying not to drool all over it. I've never had a widescreen monitor before, so the sheer size and resolution is a bit overwhelming since I'm not used to it. Plus I can use the old one as a secondary monitor which is all kinds of win too.

As usual, I'll keep you updated :)

Time for another artist's block

2011-08-15 12:06:02 by Mottis

Okay so, I haven't been getting much work done lately. Been lazying around watching Starcraft 2 streams and such. (That game is slowly devouring all of my freetime, even though I'm utterly horrible at it) Then again, I feel a little break is justified here, as I released Bk5 Part 1 not too long ago. Also, you guys are used to waiting, right? ;P

Anyways, I'm kinda struggling with the choreography of the redone ending, but I think I got it down now. I want to take it slow because I might change it up again, in the case I come up with something even better. We'll see.

As a little bonus, here's a picture of one of the ending screens from the cast or "credits" of Part2. I really like how it turned out.
The text is still a placeholder. Kinda. I will leave it in if I don't come up with anything better between now and release.

Time for another artist's block

Bk5.2 Delayed

2011-07-25 03:01:04 by Mottis

This is why I don't like relese dates. I can never hold onto them.

I decided to completely redo the last few moments of the end of the final battle, because the ending I did before felt rushed and anti climatic. I figured out a better one, and I'm currently animating it. However this means that, unlike I had previously said, I will not be able to release the movie early next month.

I'll keep you guys updated but please don't ask me how long it'll take because quite frankly, I don't have a clue, and I don't want to, either. It'll be finished when it's finished and you'll be the first to know :)