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Hey again.

2012-03-10 06:25:35 by Mottis

Sorry for not updating for a while.

I've been checking the comments on the previous post every once in a while, but the new Newgrounds layout(as awesome as it is) kinda messed me up. I tend to scroll straight down to the bottom of the comment list (since the new posts were listed at the bottom in the old layout) and I kept doing that out of habit; I quickly glanced that I had already replied to the most bottom comment, thus assuming that there are no new comments, and then I just closed the tab. I thought to myself that since people aren't leaving comments here, there's no rush to make an update yet. But today I realized my error.

Anyways... Sorry to say this, but things has been really slow when it comes to Bunnykill 5.0
I guess you could call it another artist's block.

I'm still working on the intro. I'm using more different views and screen angles than usual, and it's proving to be quite annoying and time consuming. I'm also having trouble to decide on how to start the action. (I'm kinda trying, or planning to work on the intro and the first fight scene at the same time) I'm sure, however, that once I get the ball rolling, it should be smooth downhill from there. At least I hope.

On the upside, I've already modeled the new character and I really like how he turned out, visually.

I guess that's all for now. Peace out.


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2012-03-10 06:35:08



2012-03-10 07:29:34

I was wondering whether the new comment system would mess anyone up.

Totally hear you on the artist's block thing too. The cartoon I'm working on now has tons of scene changes, and after finishing one scene, it's really hard to get the momentum going on the next. And now uni is back so it's been over two weeks since any real work has been done...

Can't wait to see your new character, think I remember reading somewhere that he'll be a crazy one. They're always the most fun!


2012-03-10 14:09:14

Don't worry Juuso. You have infinite time to make new BK movies.

So good luck and 'carpe diem'! :D

Mottis responds:

Thnx :D


2012-03-10 19:58:33

Take your time Bunny Kill 6 is gonna be great.

Mottis responds:

I hope so. I also hope that the Bk5 prequel which i'm working on atm will be good as well ;)


2012-03-16 16:40:33

more angles? nice!

Mottis responds:

Yeah it's been hell animating the different view angles for the intro. I can't wait to get it done so I can get back to using the good old 2d backgrounds :3


2012-03-17 02:27:39

Can not wait man. But look on the bright side the more time you work on it the better it will be.

Mottis responds:

Tru dat.


2012-03-19 16:25:12

I keep saying it, one about Ruby. Everyone enjoys a heroine. Plus it was kind of a let down when she was gutted in number four

Mottis responds:

She'll be in Bk6, most likely.


2012-03-23 18:22:36

i can wait how long it shold be 17 year i will wait but its not going to take that long for you but me meybe more but im going to make my first movie with madness i love madness that's why i love bunny kill its awesome becores of the things there happens all my friends did think that girl will come to live a again in number 5 but she died in number 4 and nothing with her happens in the next thanks i just got 2000 of my 30 friend's together its was 200 without so many i will be 50 KR yes im liveing in denmark but thanks for all of it have a nice day and dont overwork your self :3


2012-03-24 20:44:41

You have until I watch Bunnykill 5 (parts 1&2) a hundred times, before I start demanding more Bunnykill. In this case, I'm already about a third of the way there.


2012-03-30 11:38:51

Artists' Block? Hm... I know a few solutions for that.
C-4, Dynamite, TNT (Not the TV station), Napalm, Thermite, RPG-7s, ICBMs, Suicide Bombers, Car Bombs, SWAT Teams, and Carpet Bombing, to name a few.

Other than that, you just gotta work at 'em... of course, a couple Russian Tiger Tanks wouldn't hurt... much.

Mottis responds:

Haha i'm kinda over it already. Been having a good run for the past couple of days. Intro almost done!


2012-04-04 17:29:30

I can not wait until this is done man... You know A LOT of people watch this they just do not comment. I know tons of people that do that.... Keep up the god work I am actually looking forward to this new character because I have already made a wikipedia page for your entire series. (It is not the one that you see when you type in bunnykill wiki. THAT ONE SUX) I have already done all of the characters in the series EVERY SINGLE ONE! And now I need more stuff to add to it....

Mottis responds:

oooh cool. link?


2012-04-07 13:47:28

ok but where will the next episode be based on oh and by the way good luck

Mottis responds:

It will be prequel to Bk5.1 and Bk5.2 so it will take place in the same place as those, but at an earlier time.


2012-04-08 13:54:26

New angles? Sounds like it could be a fun thing to master. Might be handy to know for future bk episodes, yeah? :D

And you've got the new character designed? I've just one question on it: Will it be a reusable style character? Oor will this probably be the last episode we see the same style, like the sumo-bunny from bk 4?

Mottis responds:

The new angles are a pain to work with and it's really slowing down the process. I'm glad that I'll be only doing it for the intro, the actual action will be completely 2D, just like in Bk5.1/5.2.

As for the new character... it's hard to say. Without trying to spoil too much, I can say that I made some unique changes to his model, which other character do not have. (There's a good reason why he's the only one with these changes) Depending on fan reaction and how easy it is to animate, I might incorporate that style for all characters in Bk6. We'll see.


2012-04-13 00:47:59

I know this is an odd request, but I'm a huge Ninja Gaiden fan and one of the things I loved so much about Bunnykill 4 is that many of the moves I recognized from NG II (not sure whether that was an inspiration for you or not, or even if you've ever heard/played it before). Anyway, I was wondering if there would be any possible way to incorporate an Izuna Drop somewhere in BK 6? I realize it may not fit depending on what style you're going for with this new one, but I think the sheer awesomeness of seeing an Izuna in BK would absolutely rock our world.
Anyway, good luck!

Mottis responds:

I'm a huge Ng fan, Ninja gaiden Black, specifically. My original plan for Bk4 was to end the life of Flint with a massive sky-high izuna drop, but I had to cut the movie short because the filesize was getting ridiculously high.

I also had planned to include the massive sword "dabilahro" from NG; Black, and call it Bunnylahro or something, but, unfortunately, I had to scrap it as well.

I have a lot planned for Bk6, but it's still a long way off before I even start working on it. I can, however say that there is a very good chance that the izuna drop will be included in one form or another :)


2012-04-15 10:56:19

Mottis responds:

Sweeeeeet :D