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That was epic

That's all there needs to be said. Here, I'll say it again. With an emoticon this time. That was Epic O_O

I wish I had the patience to animate electrocution effects like that. That would've come in handy while making Bk5 ;)

Good work as always bro. can't wait for the next one <3

Krinkels responds:

Means a lot, man! Thanks!


It was funny, and the animations were smooth. Nice work overall :)
(Gotta say i don't really like the idea of Smoke, or any BK character talking, but hey I'm not complaining, keep up the good work ^^)

Avojaifnot responds:

I doubt if I can create something like this again. One day I'll start making Flash again.

Funny stuff

Haha some pretty funny shit right there.
At the part where you see her silhoutte on the rooftops it almost looks like she jumps, makes a flip and lands on her head. xD

n-nnnn responds:

o yeh it does look like that.
huh the mottis, creator of bunnykill giving me an 8,

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Ha! Level 30, must be some kinda record at the moment... well, ok i used the bug. Took me 7 lives to find the spot where you cant get hit, then i let go of the mouse and just watched it for like 10 mins... then i got bored. Yeah, thats right! i have no life! Well its not like anyone else in here has one either :P

If you would fix the bug and replace the annoying music this would deserve 9.
Imean... I hate green day! I had to mute my speakers just because of that so i didnt hear the sound effects either. (if there where any...)

Anyways good game, i have a little improvement in mind tho... make all the backgrounds from like level 10 some hot chicks and when you get further in levels from there, they start to have less and less clothes. Think about it.


I know even easier way. well maybe a little bit. After you drew the line and coloured the darker part, choose arrow tool and doubleclick the line. It should select the whole line, now just hit delete, voila.
Damn im good...:P

sexybeaver responds:


yeah ok...

I dont have a webcam and i have no pics of myself. But i see your point with this game. Its different, it has its own twist, i like that. All of the other graphics and animations were the best you can get. So im reviewing based on those mostly... i guess theres little more to say here.

Bunnykill 5 Prequel progress: Working on scene 1

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