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Entry #75

Some good news and some (really) bad news.

2013-05-01 13:08:48 by Mottis

Well, it's been a while, huh? Sorry about that.

I guess I subconsiously decided to take a break from Newgrounds, animating and anything Bunnykill related and let me tell you... (here's the good news) I haven't been this relaxed for a long while. I have been more active in life and I'm currectly doing my best trying to get out of unemployment. My next goal is to get a driver's license and a car.

However, there's always the thought lingering, tucked deep in my head: "I need to get back to work, I need to keep working on Bunnykill, I need to, I have to, I must, there's no escape." No matter how long of a break I take, I can't shake the feeling of being "chained" like this. It's always there, causing anxiety and stress.

In addition to that, for the longest time now, working on Bk has no longer been fun, aside from a few rare brainstorming moments. The spark is simply... gone. Having to force myself to animate and then getting angry at myself because I couldn't finish even one kill today is not what I want from a hobby like this.

I think you know where I'm going with this. That's right... the bad news. I have slowly come to a realization; I cannot keep working on Bunnykill anymore. The stress that it causes is simply too much to bare. It is sad, yeah, but it's for the best. I'm sure you guys understand.

Now, Is this the end of my animating career? I sure hope not. Even though Bk no longer interests me, I have been playing around with flash, trying out fbf animation styles and doing other tests and I find it highly entertaining. So, stay tuned, who knows, maybe someday I release a completely new flash movie.

As for Bunnykill: a huge thanks to all my fans. It's been one hell of a ride <3
~Mott out


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2013-10-07 13:26:41

"Coś się kończy, coś się zaczyna"
Andrzej Sapkowski

It was real pleasure watching those movies ;)


2013-10-11 03:27:55

Bk 3 was the first one I saw back when armorgames still had it. I watched that then the first 2 and was always so excited to see a new one pop up on here. I'm saddened by your decision but glad that I won't be seeing these posts about depression and bk going slow anymore. I really like how you added more details to the kills in bk5 with bones and stuff. Bk4 was emotional at the end and Bk3 was pseudo emotional but I have always loved your work and can't wait to see what you have in store next. Good luck. (would like to see some swf downloads for the later ones for the nostalgia)


2013-10-16 00:17:04

mottis I have been on the internet for a long time, I have seen some really cool stuff when it comes to flash movies. your series will always be in my list of greatness. with that said I have been here on the internet for a while and I know that its only natural that flashes have an end. do not feel guilty at all. thanks for the years of entertainment!!!


2013-10-27 06:23:53

don'T let it end like this. do number 6, connect the story's of the parts before and bring it to a round ending.


2013-10-28 21:20:29

Quit? You can't quit Bunnykill. I understand that your having problems, but who will take your place on continuing the series?


2013-10-29 17:52:46

@robertson645 & BlackRainBS
Did you understand the reason he quit?
Stop asking.


2013-11-01 18:52:00

what you going to start now for a series since bunnykill is no longer a thing?


2013-11-01 18:52:33



2013-11-01 18:53:35

*forget the your I meant what are you


2013-11-12 01:03:53

You inspired me to animate. Thank you...


2013-11-20 16:26:29

Mottis we your fans understand why you stopped but just could you make one last BK it can't end like this make BK 6 be the ending and show us how it ends like a big final boss or something and connect the story one last time in honor of your fans so BK can be remembered forever... it just can't end like this


2013-11-20 16:51:07

And just so you now I'm not demanding or trying to push you to any limit I'm just asking for a favor and I understand if you can't do it I'll be patient and wait if their will be any BK 6 your bunny kill series was and is still the best in my opinion their are lots of other flashes but your is the best one I've seen


2013-12-04 22:13:28

Man. You are amazing. Keep in good health, smell life because that will get you reinspired.


2013-12-07 02:25:10

Hey, forcing yourself to do a hobby you don't enjoy anymore is like doing an unpaid job. Besides, it could've been worse, you could've ended before finishing Bunnykill 5 part 2 :P


2013-12-14 14:06:05

No more BK? Goodbye.


2014-02-01 20:33:00

While I'm sad about Bunnykill dying, maybe it isn't permanent. Who knows, maybe you'll find that spark and find it fun again. In the meantime, ewnjoy animating other things. You do some good work, and I can';t wait to see what you do next. :)


2014-02-02 02:08:43

Here lies
his talents and swordsmanship skills shall forever be with us
Rip Bunnykill


2014-04-17 02:34:24

I've checked monthly for new works of yours for about as long as I've known how to use a keyboard. Bunnykill's been one of those things that helps to give a stage of one's life a particular 'flavor' (if that makes any sense at all). This is all to say that your work helped to shape an era, and influenced a lot of people, though I'm sure it was taxing. So, with sincerity, thank you.

P.S. Awful corny for dead rabbits, eh? =P


2014-05-19 21:53:25

Rest in pieces Mott.Snowball is dead for nothing.


2014-06-27 16:39:19

It's been over a year and i haven't seen Mottis on NG anymore. For shame,he was a great artist. :(


2014-07-04 01:20:39

i wish you do more bunny kill is one of my favorite of all time animation,and it is great
i hope you at least you try some


2014-07-24 12:02:48

You said "Heroes never die." in Bunnykill 5.2. But if you really stop animating, Snowball WILL die.
So please don't stop. I believe in you. We believe in you. Good luck Mott.


2014-08-30 20:55:06

im sad about bunnykill.


2014-12-02 00:10:54

Whatever you do, we hope for the best.
Thanks for the great contribution.
Bunnykill is a bit like madness, but a little on the nicer side.


2014-12-14 17:11:34

(Sniffles from behind Dave Strider sunglasses)
Goddamned Bunny Ninjas cutting onions next to me.

Well, this is a sad day. I mean, it was a sad day when I first found out, but now that I impulse-rewatched the entire series in one day and then checked here to find that not a single thing has happened since this blog post, it's an even sadder day. Wherever you are, whatever you're doing, I hope you're working on something, Mottis. You have true talent. You're not one of those throwaway animators who make a one-hit-wonder and then vanish off the face of the 'Net. You're a truly skilled artist, and whatever you made, whether it was the BunnyKill 5 prequel, BunnyKill 6, or something completely different, I would've enjoyed watching it. I hope someday you will come back to us, whether on Newgrounds or some other site. Because, and I know this sounds sappy, but you were a true inspiration to me, along with Madness Combat and many other folks here on Newgrounds.

Hell, who knows, maybe someday when I'm feeling especially ambitious I'll take up the challenge of finishing BunnyKill myself. I've had some ideas about that, honestly. Like, for instance, In BunnyKill 5 part 2, I noticed some graffiti saying "Scratch was here" along with a Wolverine-style scratch mark. If I ever actually make a BunnyKill 6, I'll probably explore this "Scratch" character. Maybe make him some kind of Mercenary who's signature weapon was mechanical claw-gloves who was hired to kill Dust, but in the end decides to help him. Food for thought. I'd also bring back Ruby, but, y'know, that's basically mandatory. I think I'd really have fun doing that. With your permission, of course.

So, in closing, Rest in peace, BunnyKill. You may be gone, but you're never forgotten. Not by a longshot. We'll never forget you, Snowball.
From the Flipside,


2015-02-23 00:35:07

lol Hope you got that drivers License of yours


2015-03-07 07:16:30

I never really gave my motivation but here it is. Do whatever the fuck you want man. You've got a life now. Before you also had one but stress was filling that out. If your life isn't yet back to place i will continue to be a fan and support ya. Have a good one


2015-05-08 11:45:21

Hey Mottis. After reading your post, I spent some time considering ways to make revive BunnyKill for you AND take care of the difficult working scenario. Don't work on BunnyKill ever again.

Make BunnyKill work for YOU. It's about time you got something back for succeeding with your creation. And I can only imagine how much time you spent animating and planning. Contact 35 large mobile game developers. Describe your success with the BunnyKill series and it's loyal following. Email then a copy of BunnyKill 5 in your FIRST email before they can say no. Make them see the value in collaborating with you on a BunnyKill mobile game. They have the facilities and infrastructure to make it a success and you have the style and the story we want to see. Don't stop until you've called at least 35. Hehe, by the way, you might want to look up the interesting story of Colenol (Kernal) Sanders and how he got funding to start KFC.

Almost every mobile game now is new, and random, and has no history, and no following, and they make money anyway. Make a game, with a couple modest in app purchases. We've been aching for a BunnyKill game for years. Mobile would be the perfect platform and now is an opportune time. Even if you don't make tons of money with the first installment, everything will be new for you. You can work with a team. Perhaps you won't even be animating, maybe you'll have a more managerial role. You'll test the waters, make a name for yourself, and for your series. And find success doing what you used to love.

And clearly you aren't a business man. I can relate to you. I'm also am artist who worked and didn't make money, until I decided to stop being modest and make my work a career. You become a business man as soon as you start communicating with other businesses. I think it's time BunnyKill have back to you.


2016-02-06 19:57:45

im think mottis don´t open new grounds again, "Bunnykill 5 Prequel progress: Working on scene 1" Anyway, i enjoy all your animations mottis, good luck for you jobs


2016-02-12 05:58:55

3 years later, and there never has been an update from this guy.

Shame, I really miss your talent man. R.I.P.


2016-05-22 23:34:04

It's been awhile and I re watched my favourite animations from you and other creators. How are you doing now?


2016-06-01 23:44:20



2016-10-10 08:06:49

I know it will be 3 years already but even if I know you will not create it anymore, even if you wrote us information that you drop this project.

I still can't forget about Snowball. I visit your profile every year hoping that maybe you will change your mind. Maybe someday after few years something will change and you will again feel joy of creating this beautiful animations.

I wish you best and remember some of us will never forget about Bunny Kill.


2016-11-28 21:14:45

3 years...


2017-01-18 16:06:39

never forgetting the classics that make my childhood full of bloody dreams,
hope u got ur car between these 3,5 years, boi.


2017-06-25 07:14:28

I loved the series , its cancelled sure nothing big there. Hopefully you can find that disappeared spark leading you to some other animation you will create


2017-06-29 19:57:38

I just got to know this series and I've seen ALL and every one of BunnyKill's episodes and reading this, I find out that the spark of imagination has gone to temporary rest 4 years ago, how fast do the series coma, you should To have rested and to have forgotten BunnyKill temporarily and thus would not have arisen the problem.

You know mottis... if... if you retake BunnyKill or if they made a video game of BunnyKill I would see in a new episode or watch a gameplay of the game (just in case it is a badly programmed shit like ET) to buy it... Snowball died worthy of a hero.

a question

 How did they revive smoke, dust, Professor Sludge and Flint? (Although the latter is dead.)


2017-10-31 14:26:18

Hi I'm here for six years since I'm 14 years old watch bunnykill all over the time. Everytime, I hopes that Mottis will back, Now, I'm 21 years old. I'm a Taiwanese. 4 years ago, I've been write a letter to Mottis on Newground, I think Mottis may not write back, but it's not that i think about, I really thankful, that's give me cheer up, hope that U could back, because we all miss U, Mottis (T-T)


2017-11-06 12:49:33

I saw your work entitled "Bunnykill" and this series pleases me very, it has sworn for after for friend near the end vengeance Dust and I was wanted to ask, series has been interrupted that, lack of idea on farthest pull? Did you have resign simply? Because somebody can concentrate other take a stand on main one in replacement this whole share action hero not only can. In any case this series "Bunnykill", it has left sensational.