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Sorry for the lack of updates.

2012-08-15 12:59:59 by Mottis

I apologize I haven't been updating my profile or answering comments lately. The truth is that I haven't worked on Bk at all since my last post. Why? Well, there's no easy way to say this so I'll just say it; I have been severely depressed for the past few months or so. At the moment I've lost any and all motivation to do... anything really, let alone something creative, such as animating.

I visited a psychiatrist and after a few visits I was prescribed some anti-depressant meds. We'll see how things go when/if those kick in. Should be a few weeks/a month, or so I was told. Oh, And just in the case you're wondering why I'm depressed... Well, It's just your average no-life nerd foreveralone stuff. You know how it goes, I'm sure.

So that's it for now. See ya when I feel better.


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2012-08-15 13:31:20

Take your time and feel better :D


2012-08-15 13:31:35

Oh, being alone is the worst shit ever :(


2012-08-15 14:20:57

Hope you'll feel better eventually. :)


2012-08-15 15:08:41

If you feel sad, why not play one of these games: /watch?v=L6C2Ihfxv8g&playnext=1&list=PL21B9C16 57A829341&feature=results_video (Put this in before the .com on Youtube.)


2012-08-15 15:08:59

I mean after.


2012-08-15 17:04:40

Take Your Time Dude. It's Cool. Hope You Feel Better Soon.


2012-08-15 18:24:01

I love being alone, Im not kidding I could be happy being the last person on the planet.
Anyways hope you feel better soon. Oh and happy clock day!


2012-08-15 19:36:22

Sorry to hear u get better
I have been depressed before and it sucks.


2012-08-15 23:18:24

well, i dont love to be alone, but i dont like to mix myself with the others so much either...if you feeling down, just look at your fan list and remember that is 3416 people who really like your works here...dont be sad


2012-08-16 04:48:57

Sorry dude ): Depression sucks. When I'm feeling flat, exercising helps fix it, maybe you could try that if you aren't already?


2012-08-16 13:26:42

Hope you feel better soon.


2012-08-16 17:44:16

Get better man! I know how it feels and what it can do to a creative mind. We know the next BK will be great no matter what, so take your time and make sure you're feeling up to it before you continue.

Best regards to you


2012-08-16 18:35:10

If you feel depress try visitng your family that normally helps me cheer up.


2012-08-17 12:32:37

dude theres no need to be depressed. life is full of so many suprises, good times and good people. and as for that forever alone crap thats not true. you're a talented young man im pretty sure theres a chick out there for u besides im pretty sure there are hundreds of chicks here that would die to date u ;) cheer up and keep your head up high if anything gets in ur way face it be positive and youll be ok besides youve got thousands of ngers that are behind u all the way. hope u feel better man and BK FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2012-08-17 13:56:30

Well there is no easy way around a depression. I really wish I could help you and well anybody else with a depression.
Well personally if I don't feel so great I try watching a funny video and fake my own enjoyment so much that it actually makes me happy or listen to some atmospheric music and really sink into it (even sad songs).
Well good luck with it.


2012-08-21 11:03:23

Take as much time as you need. I'll be here and like all your fans wait here for B.K 5.0 :) and wish you to feel better.
your fan forever (Shachar700)


2012-08-27 20:01:35

Don't give up on the Bunnykill series just yet. You do not want to end up like Alvin Earthworm. You are seriously one of the very few animators out there that is STILL making animations sense 2003. A lot of people have just thrown in the towel. But at least make a proper ending for the series in a Bunnykill 6 if you really do feel like continuing this amazing series. Honestly there is nothing I can do to help you out. All that I can really say is that the only one who can really and truly fix your relationship problems is you. And to keep on trying to finish your animations.


2012-09-05 06:18:29

We've all been there, man. Stay strong.


2012-09-05 22:56:57

the crippling, painful realization that one will never have sex as long as one lives


2012-09-07 12:49:26

I love your animations and hope you're feeling better soon.
We are only human and majority of us do go through these phases but the main thing is that it's just a phase. I don't expect you to churn out the latest Bunny Kill as soon as physically possible, I expect you to take your time and put in the effort when you feel you should. As a fan of yours I will be patient with your progress in animation but above all I hope you feel better.
I can't do anything unless you want to talk about it with a random fan (can't say I would be any good) but I'm here to support you.


2012-09-07 12:54:15

hey guys he is still feeling a little depressed but he'll still work at little but just to tell ya guys its gonna be awesome :D


2012-09-25 15:54:48

You can have one of my girlfriends if you're still feeling down ;)


2012-09-25 17:28:34

Having lots of girls changes nothing in anyone's life. Blame the society that created the false image that "to be happy you must fuck every girl you meet". Been there, done that and it changed nothing. True hapiness can only come from inside you, it may sound cliche as hell, but that was exactly what i thought untill it occured to me that it was actually true.


2012-09-26 01:30:30

crazyVS U ARE CRAZY but u have point


2012-10-07 03:30:31

Hope you feel better soon


2012-10-21 14:33:31

Man, hope you'll be okay soon. But, hey, listen! Antidepressants won't do anything good and can kill a creative person in you. Try to overcome depression other ways: hang out with friends, go do some camping, or do somethin crazy, like jump with a parachute (with instructor of course if you haven't done it before), learn to ride a bike! Common, you'll be good!


2012-10-22 12:02:29

try having a good laugh. youtube is your friend in these stuff. or if you like mangas/animes like me you should try one piece or beelzebub just to name a few funny ones.


2012-10-24 16:19:10

Not to worry man... even I, that I've got a girlfriend and a quite decent job feel sometimes depressed...
Best thing you can do: don't think and try to sleep 10 hours or more. Then,your brain wil be more active and will produce more hormones, that are the stuff that creates happiness. Thinks like taking a LONG walk around the mountains/fields/open-air not in city it's also said to help (well,it works for me). Oh, and think about something: all that "no-life", "nerd" and "foreveralone" crap you talk about... the only reason why you think about it it's because society got that in ur mind, but also specific persons. My oppinion: get the hell away from anyone that says you are a "foreveralone nerd".

Hope you think 'bout it :) Get better soon :)



2012-11-10 18:09:09

But at least you reached much more than other people, you have flash video with more than one and half million views, you have fans. You are still doing stuff, but its your life, its upon you how you spend your time. Bunnykill was always been really much to me and it will always be. Wish you the best


2012-11-23 17:22:54

Dude, those anti-depressants are nothing. They never work... or, if they do, they don't work correctly.
Anyone calling you a "forever alone nerd" should have the business end of a Yamato Cannon stuffed where the sun don't shine, then fired... twice.

I ignore people that call me that. Though I take pride in my nerd-isms.


2012-11-23 17:24:27

I suppose I should put this up here as well... I'm sure alot of people say gamers have no lives...

I say "I am a Gamer, not because I don't have a life, but because I choose to have MANY."


2012-11-24 14:50:34

Awe damn man. ): That really hits the pits. I hope you feel better soon.


2012-12-17 15:33:53

it would be awesome to see another masterpiece of animation from you :) i know its hard work to create it, but iam just saying, it would be awesome ^_^


2012-12-19 16:15:32

not to worry man try to sleep more and do some new and exiting thing u never done before u cant just stay in front of a PC eat ur pills and hope to get better go outside and have a long,relaxing walk and u will feel much better


2012-12-23 14:53:10

I know how you feel man, hope you get well soon.


2013-03-03 23:19:40

i have been there man, hang out with your friends. and to be honest i have seen so many flashes in my day and i realize that good things never last forever. if making these flash movies stresses you out then stop making them. if your hoobie becomes work its no fun. just live life and take it slow.