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2012-07-03 05:34:58 by Mottis

Streaming right now;

EDIT: Done for now. Maybe more tomorrow. Thanks for watching! ^^

EDIT: I be streaming again. Feel free to join. (I really need to find a better way to update whenever I stream)
EDIT again : Scratch that. Flash is being super laggy while streaming today. Can't get anything done like this ;_;

EDIT: I just tested a few things and managed to make flash run smoother while streaming. I won't be able to stream today or tomorrow, but I'll try making some room for it on Sunday, most likely around 12:00 CET :)
EDIT: Sorry guys, I wont be able to stream today afterall, personal reasons. Let's try again tomorrow, same time ^^'

Streaming right now.
...Aaaaand done for now. MAYBE more tomorrow, around 3-4pm CET.

Streaming right now. Not sure for how long.
...and done. Thanks for watching ^^

I'll try to make sime time for streaming today. Most likely around 4-5pm CET.

Streaming right now.
...Done for now. Sorry I forgot to update my post when I started streaming, I'll try to remember next time. Also, I'll let the videos up for those who missed the stream and want to see them. I'll stream some more tomorrow (saturday) around 4-5pm cet. Ps, I just realized how absurdly loud the animation sounds are compared to my voice, I'll fix it next time.

Stream is gonna be late today. I'll go live in an hour or so. Ps. Sorry for the password. Just in case some of you were wondering; I was running some tests yesterday and i forgot to remove the password afterwards.

--EDIT ~ 7.14.12 --
So I guess I won't be streaming today. I bought a new mic because the old one was so quiet, but this one has the same problem. That means something else is causing it. I'm currently pulling my hair out trying to figure it out and not in the mood for streaming. Sorry.


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2012-07-03 05:53:33

i have some spare time so why not


2012-07-03 05:57:06

Man I´m lucky I went up early today


2012-07-03 08:45:14

glad i caught this :) you animate so damn fast!

Mottis responds:

Haha thanks. It's all in the wrist ;)


2012-07-03 08:59:47

hope we helped keep you motivated!

Mottis responds:

You did. 3 hours of constant animating just flew by ^^


2012-07-04 04:37:36

damn that looks hard. my dream of animating was crushed :( lol kidding amazing. i once animated for 3 days and my animation sucked so bad i deleted it without even saving :O

Mottis responds:

We all learn by doing. Just keep at it :)


2012-07-04 12:21:02

It was really cool watching this. I was really surprised at how much of the same techniques we both use. I always thought you tweened your motions since they come out so smooth.

Mottis responds:

Nah, I don't like tweening, to be honest. I only use it whenever i absolutely have to.


2012-07-04 15:46:45

Hey Mottis, I Know This Is Unrelated But Can You Check Out Some Art I Just Uploaded & Tell Me If It's Good Or Not? If You Can That Would Be Appreciated. (Hope I Spelled That Right)
MadnessDay11 Out. PEACE!

Mottis responds:

Looks pretty cool ^^


2012-07-05 16:15:03

Hey can you tell me what time of the day do you stream?

Mottis responds:

I haven't streamed after the first time because flash started acting really laggy while streaming. I might give it another go later.


2012-07-06 04:13:51

I really liked all of your effects. And don`t say that fire effect is bad because it is awesome!

Mottis responds:

Thanks. I honestly feel like it's one of the few effects I coulda done better.


2012-07-07 17:34:09

I ll be there Mr.Mottis :)


2012-07-10 14:35:09

So when will be next stream? I miss previous and I realy want to watch it(

(Updated ) Mottis responds:

Sorry, I couldn't stream yesterday. I'll try later today. Let's say 7-8 hours from now.


2012-07-11 12:11:29

Can't wait to see it finished!

Mottis responds:

Thanks :)


2012-07-11 13:54:13

Do you remove the vid right after you end the stream? Cause I can't seem to watch them after its done yet the very first stream was avalible the day after the stream, would be good if you kept them up for a time for those of us who miss it.
On that topic, it would have been good if you update the news page when you have an estimate time when you will be streaming, I noticed recently that you said an estimate in the comments but that isn't easily seen.

Mottis responds:

Yeah, sorry, I deleted the videos afterwards. I know it's not very nice for those who missed the stream, but there's more than one reason why I'm removing them.

To name a few;

The main purpose is a bit selfish. The original reason I wanted to stream was to get some interaction with the fans going WHILE I stream, to make it more entertaining and keep me motivated. If people watch the videos instead, there's none of that. So it's more or less to encourage people to watch the actual stream instead of the videos.

Also, it might be very confusing why I do certain things if you cannot see the chat (since you can't while watching the saved videos) Like, if I feel like showing a scene or a certain effect to the viewers because they want to see it, it might seem odd for me to randomly do stuff like that if you cannot see the chat and don't understand whats going on.

That's just a few. The reason I didn't delete the original (until the auto-detele kicked in) was to throw a bone for those who missed the very first stream.

And yeah, I'll be announcing my streaming dates way in advance on the actual post from now on. Sorry about that. ^^'


2012-07-12 17:59:31

Hmm. Watching your videos I missed (always at work) keeps my motivation up.

Mottis responds:

I'll try to think of something. I could devote part of the screen to display the jtv chat at all times. That would make me feel somewhat more comfortable if I let the videos stay. Or I could actually start using the mic and talk while I work. Or both. We'll see.


2012-07-13 17:02:23

I like the streaming of your work but i would like to hear you voice more in the video i can hardly hear you

(Updated ) Mottis responds:

Yeah, unfortunately my mic is very very bad. It is currently at max volume so the only thing I can do is to lower the volume of everything else, and then it's up to the viewer to increase the volume on their end, sorry. I might consider getting a better mic later on.

I'll run some tests later and see if I can get the volume levels balanced.


2012-07-14 10:19:28

Whatever you do, don't make the same mistake streaming that this guy did:



2012-07-14 10:54:12

You should put up the date on your edits, Im woundering if the last edit is from yesterday or today.

Mottis responds:

Alright, I'll start doing that from now on.