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Help needed

2012-06-30 15:54:44 by Mottis

Hey guys. I've been feeling really unmotivated and straight out depressed lately, so I haven't gotten much work done.

However, I decided that I'm going to give this streaming thing a try. Hopefully that'll cheer me up. Maybe I'll stream just some games at first as a test or something. However the problem is, I have no idea where to start. I know I want to stream on, but I'm clueless as to what (free) program to use or how to set it up. So, basically, I'm asking for help here. If you know how to stream your desktop on Jtv, or know someone who could assist me to set it up, hit me up on skype. I would greatly appreciate the assistance. Thanks. :)

I decided to use Xsplit. Here's the link to the stream page:

I won't be streaming quite yet though, except maybe for testing purposes. However if you wish to follow me on Jtv so you get an email whenever I go live, you can do that beforehand ^^

Test run complete, things seem to be working just fine. Now all I need to do is gather enough courage to actually start streaming sometime in the near future :P


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2012-06-30 15:57:13

Why not just use manycam? You can record your desktop and therefor what ever game you're playing on your PC. That's what I use anyways.

Mottis responds:

I don't use it because..... I've never heard of it before? :P
This is what I meant, I'm clueless when it comes to streaming. Thanks, I'll check the program out tomorrow.


2012-06-30 16:04:26

Try JustinTV FAQ

Mottis responds:

I did but there isn't a word about streaming your desktop as far as I can see.


2012-07-01 09:25:57

Have you tried You Now?

Mottis responds:

Actually, i think i got it all figured out now, but thanks :)


2012-07-01 09:30:39

If you have windows 7, a really good way to record your desktop is by using Fraps. It comes with a function that allows it to do so. Fraps isn't free, but I'll be honest with you there are an IMMENSE amount of cracks and links that I'm sure you can just google. >:3

If fraps doesn't support desktop streaming, I've looked some stuff up, I'd also try Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder which apparently does allow that function, especially for websites like or

Hope this helps.

Yes, this name is despressing, that's why I chose it 'cause I knew no one would have it like 3 years ago..... I think. I never use this anymore. This is the first time in months.

(Updated ) Mottis responds:

Lol thanks, but I think I'm going to settle with Xsplit trial version, at least for now. The reason I didn't include Xsplit as an option when I was making the main post was because I thought I have to pay if I wish to live stream with it, which is apparently not the case.

I already had a nice, very eventful 10 second long streaming session of my desktop earlier today and it SEEMS to work just fine. I still gotta make sure the sound works and stuff before I can start streaming properly.


2012-07-02 20:33:07

Is a combination of work and animation related stress causing your depression?

Mottis responds:

No, not really.