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Random Bunnykill 5.0 status update and a random idea.

2012-05-09 15:30:52 by Mottis

Well, I've been working hard on BK5.0 lately. Forcing myself to work at least 3 hours a day has been somewhat mentally challenging, even if I do take the weekends off, which I do. That being said, I have done quite a bit of progress. There's 6 new kills since my last update and right now I'm at a point where kills SHOULD start racking up even more quickly.

Also, here's a really random idea I have been throwing around in my head recently. Bear with me here: Live-streaming.
I've started to watch a lot of live-streams lately, Starcraft 2 and other gaming related ones mostly and I was thinking, would people like to watch me animate live? I'd be talking as I work, explain things, answer question in the chat, etc etc. I think it would be really good not only for the fans but for my motivation as well.

The only downside is that, as you guys should know at this point, I'm very secretive about my work. I want to spoil as little as possible untill the movie is actually released, however live-streaming would obviously give it all away.

So, I dunno. It's still up in the air so let me know what you guys think.

I got Diablo 3 yesterday so my productivity might be a bit low on the next few days, sorry!!


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2012-05-09 15:41:41

That would be fun. Maybe partial live streaming, like only showing parts of the animation process. Since you said you'd like to keep it secret, don't leave it ALL on the line. Maybe just a bit here and there?

Dunno, just a thought.

Mottis responds:

I dunno. If I do go through with the idea, I'll propably just show everything. I'd hate to try to hide certain things while streaming.


2012-05-09 15:42:00


Mottis responds:



2012-05-09 16:27:56

Just don't live stream the animation of certain key plot scenes.

(Updated ) Mottis responds:

When I said spoilers, I didn't specifically mean storyline, or what happens in the movie, but also things like dust's new weapon, possible new enemies, the new character, and other stuff that's practically impossible to completely hide.

Plus, the 'storyline' is rather simple this time around. Aside from the lengthy and eventful intro, the whole movie is basically: Dust enters facility > Dust kills a lot > Dust fights boss. Very straighforward.


2012-05-09 17:01:17

Or perhaps a livestream only viewed by those honored by the great animator's will to have the privilege to see? Or those who have managed to give genuinely useful input from the past or...

-Ooh! How about TWO livestreams? One for everyone on the general work and when things get spoilery, that's where the second comes in for the demographic stated above? It's a ridiculous thought, but not one I'd want seen ignored!

Mottis responds:

Haha that's getting a bit too complicated. But no, unfortunately there cannot be a middle ground. If I do decide to stream I want anyone to be able to join in, so there's a constant flow of new potential viewers an thus, new fans. Also, trying to block off parts of the project would be a pain, since I couldn't work on it freely then.


2012-05-09 19:24:04

Just go with your gut, kid!


2012-05-09 21:36:09

I for one would love to see how you choreograph a fight scene. Not just kills, but actual fighting that stays fluent and interesting throughout.

Mottis responds:

That's also part of the reason I want to stream. I can't even begin to count how many messages I've gotten from people who want to learn to animate, and then they ask me to do guides and tutorials for them and stuff. I want to help them but it's very time consuming, so I usually have to refuse. Streaming would allow me to easily help people who want to learn to animate, since all they have to do is watch me work.


2012-05-10 03:03:26

Maybe if you're drawing things like backgrounds, but not where you're giving spoilers away. I'd like to watch

Mottis responds:

I'm already done with all the backgrounds for Bk5.0 :P


2012-05-10 23:17:02

Maybe stream certain things, like the animation process, and some of the killing with words. I agree with this mysterious villain being a complete surprise. If you must show him, blur him up and use only audio or subtitles. And show kills.

Mottis responds:

Haha I don't think that's possible. If I do decide to stream, I will show everything I do. There cannot be a middle ground.


2012-05-11 01:06:36

So the movie will better then the other 2?

Mottis responds:

I sure hope so. There probably wont be anything as epic as the highway fight in Bk5.2, but there's some new ideas that will be mad fun.


2012-05-11 04:47:51

I'd personally really enjoy seeing a livestream. I once watched a bit of one that had a guy working on a rap battle. He mainly went through the technical aspects of how he fit the lyrics in with the music, and it was both really fascinating and confusing since I have literally no skills in anything ever. (Except writing, but even with that I'm still in need of some improvement, but I digress)

Kind of went on a tangent there, but whatever. Point is, if you make a livestream, I'd definitely check it out if I'm online at the time you do it, for what it's worth, heh.

Mottis responds:

Thanks :)


2012-05-11 08:51:46

Maybe instead of a live stream of yourself animating, a Q&A/comment type of stream instead. That way fans get questions answered, you receive feedback and potential motivation, and also won't reveal animation of bunnykill 5.0. Let me know what you think of my suggestion

(Updated ) Mottis responds:

Ehhhhh I think that misses the point of the reason I want to stream in the first place though. The Q/A thing is just an extra. I guess what I really want is just some company while I work. And also the possibility to ask the chat for ideas if I hit a sudden artist's block :P


2012-05-11 09:50:36

mottis i know how hard it is but it could be nice if you added some pakour skill to the new character XD

Mottis responds:

We'll see. There's not much room for that though.


2012-05-11 18:05:01

soo if your using livestream that means that you are going to narrated the movie?

Mottis responds:

Um. I'm going to be talking while streaming, yes.


2012-05-12 00:28:51

I can't really say. I suggest doing a few for a test run to see how it goes and if it works great, if not then nothing really lost. Final call rests with you

Mottis responds:

Yeah I'm thinking of a test run also. Maybe play some games and stream those, just to see how things work out. I'm trying to figure out a good program for streaming though, I hear people love to use Xplit but it has a monthly fee, which I don't want to pay in the case streaming is not for me.


2012-05-12 11:52:27

i will answar some quiestions 1.will u make a bunnykill game he sed maybe maybe not 2.what your favorite food he sed don't really have one. Any meat is good :P snowball gonna be in Bunnykill 6 he sed YES. that was that bye i just answared some incomming quiestions XD


2012-05-13 00:40:48

Live Streaming is a fantastic idea! But as you said it would be a bad idea to spoil parts of the movie. So my suggestion is to live stream a scene that is pure action with very little plot development to it. Something probably in the first half of the movie. A lot of game developers will show the second or third level of the campaign in demos or at E3 presentations and some even offer commentary into the development process as well.

You can kinda do that. Live Streams will not only help motivate you, but also motivate animators such as myself. We'll be able to learn tricks from you and you could potentially indirectly spawn other movies. It's a win-win in my opinion. But again, make sure to stream parts with very little plot spoilers.

Mottis responds:

Decent idea, and it has been mentioned before. However doing that would limit my possible actions while streaming. Like, if I wanted to suddenly edit the intro that has the new character in it, I would have to stop streaming all of a sudden unless I want to spoil how he looks. It just wouldn't work. If I do go through with the idea, I will hide nothing, period :)


2012-05-14 12:03:20

with what software you use to do BK?
I think you should work on BK 5.0 and not live-streaming.

Mottis responds:

I use Macromedia Flash MX, even though there are newer flash programs out there.


2012-05-14 16:05:21

Streaming is an awesome way to stay focused, I've found. I use to do it before I got this sluggish DSL internet.

Mottis responds:

Huh. I never knew you used to stream. Thanks for the advice.


2012-05-17 07:31:29

My initial response is NO. Don't livestream your animating because it takes away from the suspense and wonder for the next episode. That being said, you employ a lot of very clever animation techniques and styles in your animations. I think it would be really nice if you posted videos of yourself animating after the Bunnykill animations have been released or perhaps even tutorials teaching people your methods of animation.

Mottis responds:

You're right, but doing just videos doesn't interest me at all. The main reason I feel like streaming is so I can focus better on animating and so I have some company (in the stream chat) while I work.


2012-05-17 15:20:02

The latter part of my comment was that there may be a trailer for this animation. Apparently you may not have done this, but Krinkels definitely has.

Mottis responds:

Personally, I feel like I don't want to spend time on making a trailer when I could use that time to work on the actual movie ^^'


2012-05-18 19:51:04

So tell me is Diablo 3 is as good as they say in the commercials

(Updated ) Mottis responds:

I haven't seen any commercials of it. However I can't stop playing it, so I'd say yes @_@


2012-05-25 17:05:36

Ha! I was wondering when you would make a Diablo 3 post. I have the same problem now. I can't stop playing it to get back to animating.

Mottis responds:

I actually just came here to do just that, lol. Diablo has claimed my soul.