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Bunnykill 5.0 Intro done.

4/26/12 by Mottis

I've just finished with the intro for the Bunnykill 5 Prequel. Now, it might sound like nothing, however I just want to add that it's probably one of the most complicated and eventful scenes I've ever done. It contains all the characters, including the new one, and has a total of 6 kills already. It clocks at 2 and a half minutes long as well (!)

I really like how the new character turned out. I managed to make him look and move exactly as I imagined it in my head. He's probably my new favourite character altogether. I wish I could tell you more, but I like to keep things a secret so they have more of an impact the first time you see it yourself. I can't wait to hear what you think about him once the movie is released :)

Also, some more good news. I have recently decided to get into a completely new rhythm when it comes to animating. My new plan is to work 4 hours every day, non-stop. Even if I'm suffering from an artist's block, I will try to use that time to get at least something done. So far it's working pretty well ^^


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I saw it,i can't wait!
Still,if you are interested for any modern combat weapons for future BK don't hesitate to PM me. I got some sites that contain some guns you will like :3

When is the movie is going to be post?

5/4/12 Mottis responds:

I'll let you know once I have the faintest idea :D

here is the ultimate question HOW LONG IS THE MOVIE GONNA BE?

5/4/12 Mottis responds:

I was planning on making it shorter than Bk5.1 or Bk5.2, since it's a side story of sorts. But since the intro alone is over 2 minutes, I'm not so sure anymore. We'll see.

You are awesome! Kepp it up! :3



Its good that you finally finish the Intro I just cant wait to see it.



Can't wait to see your new character!! And I'm totally jealous of your organisational time skills. Can I borrow some willpower?

4/29/12 Mottis responds:

I don't think I have any left to spare @_@

Mayble if your finished with the Prequel you could start Bunnykill 6 and i got 2 idea's for you:
1:Snowball,Dust,Smoke and Ruby in a world full of zombies who are scavenging for ammo,guns,food and whatnot and on their way they kill a lot of zombies!
2:Snowball who fights against the mafia leader(s) Dust and Ruby with motorcycle chasing scene and mayble a plane crash scene(?)

Also,if you are gonna use one(or mayble both) idea's i hope you will make some guns like the M4A1,AK-47 and Glock pistolAUG A1,G36,MP5 and 7 or a Walther P99. I dunno.

Anyway,love all of your Bunnykill series and i hope you will make more!

4/29/12 Mottis responds:

Thanks, but I already got an idea for Bk6, you can read all about that on some of my older posts.



I can't wait! I have been waiting for SO LONG and I will keep waiting man!



Now THAT is dedication; the sooner you complete it the sooner you can relax and we can enjoy some awesome carnage!



So...first it's just a little experiment...and it turns out to be something bigger then yourself...woo...woo...

4/29/12 Mottis responds:

Yup pretty much :)



Im gonna try do that to, force me to animate at least 3 hours each day or something like that. And I dont like to show much of my work either, I want it to be exclusive when it comes out.

4/29/12 Mottis responds:

Yeah i'm thinking of lowering it to 3 hours as well. And take weekends off :P

i i'll give you 59,99 if u put my NewGrounds name into this like at the end special thanks to and then there comes a not so detailed character who looks like a bunny in hank's cloth XD that could be awesome

4/26/12 Mottis responds:

Haha thanks for the offer but I'm not interested at this time ^^'



Sounds good, your enthusiasm and skill is an inspiration!






wow...just wow.