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Yeah, um... okay, so....

2012-05-28 04:46:39 by Mottis

Diablo 3 has claimed my soul. Since the release, I have opened Flash MX only once and even then I couldn't get anything done.

...Sorry, guys. I have failed you all ; _ ;

Nah, but really, I needed a break. The '3 hours of animating a day' -system was killing me, and wasn't fun. Hopefully when I finally get burned out on DIII, or at least after I get over the worst addiction, I can get back to work. But for now, there's too many monsters to kill and too much loot to find.

As for the streaming idea, I kinda dropped it for now. I will look into it some more later, perhaps. We'll see.

I will try to animate a lil bit here and there, if I happen to get back into it.
Will keep you guys updated. Peace.


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2012-05-28 05:44:06

That's cool. You haven't failed anyone! It's not like we're paying you to animate :p Shame about the streaming thing, not sure if I woulda been able to watch it anyway. Have fun with your game dude!

Mottis responds:

Thanks! :D


2012-05-28 05:55:50

Nah, just kidding. You deserve a break, I just need to be more patient with your up coming animations. Have fun with your Diablo 3 :3 And how many frames have you accomplished so far on your Bunnykill 5 prequel? Well it depends on if you want spoil it, if you don't feel like telling that's fine. 'Cause it's from your own work,
Well I give you all of my luck to you good sir and hope you can get it done someday. I'll be patient as I said. :)

Mottis responds:

I don't usually go by frames done, because there are issues with that. Like, sometimes I animate a certain character far, far further than anyone else on the battlefield, so... do I count those frames or not? And sometimes there are areas on the movie where I have done everything except sounds, effects or ear movements. So should I count those frames? Stuff like that makes it confusing to count how many frames I've made. So instead, I usually go by kills.

Sooooo right now the movie has about 15 kills :)


2012-05-28 08:14:09

Ah, the joys of submitting your soul to a computer game. I know it well

Theme Park
Theme Hospital
Planescape Torment
Dungeon Keeper 1 & 2
Legacy of Kain (all titles)
Assassin's Creed (all titles)
Championship Manager
Dynasty Warriors (quite a few titles, but not all of them...)

Hell, if you go back far enough, Tetris!

Take your time, produce the next installment of Bunnykill when you're ready. If you're producing under duress, it won't be the same and we'd all rather you were happy with it first.

(Updated ) Mottis responds:

To be honest, I rarely get this hopelessly addicted to a video game. Thus far it has only happened with Oblivion, Skyrim and Minecraft. I mean yeah I played amiga and nintendo like crazy in my childhood, but it's not really the same thing ^^'


2012-05-28 10:04:41

Ahh, I see. And sweet :)


2012-05-28 12:43:52

The only time I can get back to animating is when ERROR 37. Ha. :p

Mottis responds:

Hahaha so true.


2012-05-28 17:18:34

to be honest when i get and addiction to a game i cant stop playing it no matter what i do so yeah its hard to do something else but if you can i hope you make the movie before end of year

Mottis responds:

Before the end of the year? Gonna be tough, but we'll see.


2012-05-29 14:33:42

dont worry be happy


2012-05-31 14:23:28

Flash MX?
good gosh dude....

Mottis responds:

Anything after Flash MX lags like crazy after I open my movies on them. Every time I click something, move something, or do ANYTHING, it loads for 3-5 seconds. Every single time. This is the main reason I'm still using MX.


2012-06-09 20:42:00

Nice entry number


2012-06-24 03:06:25

XD @BigSweatySchilling but seriously. I have been waiting for the next Bunnykill for who knows how long now. Remember I am still eager to update the Bunnykill wiki! (Don't rush though. I was just reminding you about that)


2012-06-27 18:48:44

So I read other comments and your responses. So there is gonna be bunnykill 6. Ok, my life is complete now. :)


2012-06-28 05:34:57

Totally understand how addicting games can be. You get your hack-n-slash fix, and with any luck the rest of the next BK will come along naturally!